How To Wrap a Guitar Cable

How to Wrap a Guitar Cable

There are a few way to look after your cables, here’s one I learned from a roadie who was out there tidying them up and laying them out for many years. It doesn’t stress the cable and is ready in an instant when you need it (no fighting with your cables when you pull then out of your bag), plus it’s easy to hang or stash in your bag… Is this the best way to wrap your guitar cable? Let us know if you have a better way. Anyway, with the cost of good cables, they deserve to be looked after, and they won’t let you down when you really need them…

So let’s start.

One: With the cable laid out without any knots in it, find both ends.

Guitar Cable

Two: Take both ends of the cable into one hand. Slide your other hand down the cable to find the half way point. You should now have two jack plugs in one hand, and the middle of the cable in the other.

Three: Now take the middle of the cable and bring it up to meet you hand with the jack sockets in.

NOTE: Depending on the length of the cable you may need to repeat the previous instruction. You don’t want the cable too tight or too loose. If it’s too tight when you carry out the next step you may damage the cable.

How To Wrap a Guitar Cable

Four: Now you have the correct length, loop the two ends around so you have a circular shape in the middle of the cable.

Five: Take the end without the jack plugs and pass it through the circle you created in the step before. Pull it though and pull it tight enough so it holds itself, but don’t pull is super-tight.

And that’s it. When you need the cable simply undo the knot and the cable will fall out into a non-tangled cable ready to go…

Hope you find this ‘How To Wrap a Guitar Cable’ tip useful.

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