New Stock for 2023 – Walrus Audio

New Walrus Audio Pedal Stock 2023

New Stock for 2023
And brand new for 2023 we have a lovely line up of new Walrus Audio pedals to compliment our existing stock. New stock is always a treat, but from a purely visual point of view, Walrus Audio pedals are really something special to open. We think they nail the look and the packaging so well. That’s my background as a designer coming out again though. They sound great too.

Check out our Walrus Audio range.

Why are Walrus any different then form the many other boutique manufactures out there?

Well you could start by checking out the sounds you hear from Dawes to Sigur Ros, from Sting to Mastodon, from Bonnie Raitt to Kendrick Lamar, and from Flying Burrito Brothers to Harry Styles. Walrus grace some many of our favourite songs and albums.

We’re impressed by Walrus’s commitment to their craft though. The way they involve players and many artists to check out a chain of prototypes and react to the feedback. A the end of the day, an engineer rarely plays the way a gigging or recording artist plays, so that feedback in invaluable.

Walrus Audio say: “They give it a strenuous workout that includes tour, studio use, weekend gigging, and maybe an occasional Instagram tease. After we get everyone’s notes back, we make changes, then do it again. When it’s perfect (to us), you see it. Then you play it and make songs that move us and inspire us to make better gear. I’m really glad that you are part of our process.”

Walrus Audio Pedals

And personally I’m a total sucker for the look of these things. While it makes no difference to the playability or tones, there’s just an additional pleasure from owning one of their creations. Yeah, maybe it’s shallow but if it makes you feel like playing it, that really can’t hurt can it.

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