New Stock! KMA Machines…

KMA Machines

Woop Woop! It’s new stock day… This is a new brand for us also, say hello to KMA Machines.

We’re still waiting for the super popular Pylon noise gate to come into stock, but this week we’ve got the stunning ambient glory machine the Cirrus, and the no-holds-barred chainsaw style distortion of the Wurm 2.

KMA Machines Cirrus reverb and delay

KMA Machines Cirrus Combined Delay and Reverb

If ambient soundscapes that can blow your mind are your thing, then the Cirrus is a real beast that combines the two most important effects of reverb and delay in one great value pedal, and the first digital pedal from KMA machines. And they didn’t just make another delay and reverb machine to cover the bases. No, they went for it and created something really special and unique.

As always, we’re total suckers for a great looing pedal, and the Cirrus certain covers that base. But we also love how the graphics tie in with a usable shape around the Mode leading off into the controls. Sweet!

There’s so much to this pedal we’re not sure how they did it for the price to be honest, that’s why this is a must stock item for us. You can check out details of the Cirrus here.

KMA Machine Wurm 2 Distortion Pedal

KMA Machines WURM 2

Being super shallow I’d buy this just for the art on the pedal, but thankfully this beast has a lot more going on under the paintwork. But while we’re talking about that paintwork, we love how it really captures the tone of this behemoth.

This reworking of KMA’s venerable WURM, the WURM 2 take the essentials that made that pedal a classic and adds in a powerful active EQ on the front to shape your sound quickly and easily. We love the sweep of this EQ, it’s a beast and a deeply usable one.

From ‘chainsaw’ to evil and gritty, this pedal can deliver. It’s based off the Boss HM2 so you know the sound to expect, but that power EQ transforms it and KMA pride themselves on modern, forward-thinking circuit design. If you like the HM2 you’ll love this pedal.

Read more details on our listing for the KMA Machines WURM 2

And both this and the Cirrus have one of our favourite features – top mounted jacks and power sockets to help build a more compact pedalboard.

If you would like to chat about either of these pedals or anything else we stock or can order, please do get in touch, we’d love to help out.

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