New Stock! Nobels ODR1 and Mini

Nobels ODR1 natural overdrive angle shot

Lovely new overdrives in stock from today. OK they’re not beautifully painted, they don’t have stunning artwork, and the enclosures are just functional (not there’s anything wrong with that). But, and this it was makes these worth considering, they are flipping awesome and super-popular natural sounding overdrives! Say hello to the Nobels ODR1 and Mini…

The Nobels ODR1 has become THE natural overdrive pedal, a real analog classic (recently updated with a bass cut feature).

This bright green metal cased machine has become popular on the board of some amazing players: Jerry Donahue, Tom Bukovac, Guthrie Trapp, Carl Verheyen, John Shanks, Tim Pierce, Robbie McIntosh and on and on… and review after review in the musical press extol its virtues time and time again.

So, even though we’re totally shallow here and love a great looking pedal, this little monster deserves your consideration for getting on your board. It’s an outstanding overdrive. It can also be run from 9v to 18v for more headroom if required. Though to be fair we’re not sure we can see a need for that, but happy to listen to anyone who uses it that way.

Nobels ODR Mini guitar effects pedal

Also, we’ve got its little brother in stock, the Nobels ODR Mini (that will need a power supply though, no battery option in this tiny body), and we reckon it’s a real killer. The new compact enclosure with PSU input on the top to keep things compact on your pedalboard contains the same great sound and controls from its bigger brother—apart from the bass cut feature under the battery cover (it takes out some of the sub bass frequencies, which some heavier humbucker players were asking for).

We love the True Bypass with the ODR Mini (the ODR1 is buffered) and the glow in the dark control knob markers.

Overall these two somewhat ‘everyday’ looking pedals belie their simplistic look and offer some amazing tones and beautifully simple usability and flexibility. Check out the Nobels ODR1 and Mini…

If you’d like any further info, please don’t hesitate to get in touch, we’re always up for a chat about pedals and tone!

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