New Stock! Old Blood Noise…

Old Blood Noise New Stock

The best days are the days you get shiny new stock. And today it’s Old Blood Noise so we’re all pretty excited about it, just look at these lovely things!

Here are two outstanding pedals for you to check out. If Fuzz is your thing then the absolutely mind blowing Old Blood Noise Alpha Fuzz is really something. From open sounding overdrive tones to out and out spluttering fuzz, this pedal really has it. We love the active EQ sliders too, they really set this one apart from the crowd. Often in a mix a fuzz can get a little lost, here you can give a mid boost and cut through, fantastic.

And that graphic too. Yes, we’re suckers for this stuff… but it’s more than skin deep, Old Blood Noise work hard to give you something different, and features such as the independent volume to bring in body and clarity are part of that thinking.

Old Blood Noise Alpha Haunt

We’ve also got the stunning Black Fountain V3 with Tap Tempo oil can delay. One of OBN flagship pedals, this beauty not only looks amazing on your pedalboard, but captures that warm, modulated repeats like nothing else out there.

Features like tap tempo, expression panel input, 30ms to 1s delays and a ton more make this a truly unique boutique pedal that we’re pleased to be stocking here at Moji Music. Also three settings: Modern, Organ, and Vintage mode give three different takes on the voice of the delay, and Fluid, Mix, Time, and Feedback knobs give great control over the elements.

Oh yeah, there’s also a subdivision switch to switch that tempo into quarter, eighth, or triplet notes, plus if you hold the Tap foot-switch to momentarily you can maximise feedback, leading to a nearly sound-on-sound effect. It’s a beast, and opens up something different for your creativity to get its teeth into.

Old Blood Noise Black Fountain V3

If you would like to chat about either of these pedals or anything else we stock or can order, please do get in touch, we’d love to help out.

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