Powers Electric Guitars

Powers Electric Guitars

OK, so it’s not strictly guitar effects pedal related but it’s still guitar related so surely we’re OK with this one in the blog? Check out Powers Electric…

I’m partial to the brighter and maybe more modern tone of Taylor’s guitars, so when I spotted this move it caught my eye.

Andy Powers (president of Taylor Guitars) has founded his own electric guitar firm now, which he’s calling Powers Electric (not sure on that name but perhaps it’s a grower…).

Powers is known for his pioneering guitar work, so it’ll be interesting to see what innovation he brings to the electric world with Powers Electric, and he’s not afraid to move away from some traditional techniques…

The first model is called the Powers Electric A-Type (again not sure about the naming going on here but we’ll see), this model is said to feature a smooth, single cut body (which has Strat, Tele, Yamaha, and Gibson influences by the look of it. Andy says he was looking for a ‘sound and feel that didn’t already exist’.

Powers Electric Guitars

Apparently, there’s some ‘magic’ going on to deliver something different. Until we can get hands on one, we won’t know, so all I can say is: curiosity piqued… let’s see…

Further the new A-type is a hollow-body but it’s fully enclosed. So no f-holes etc. It definitely has aesthetic ques that hark back to the vintage years, and not just guitars but also classic cars and more.

The model promises choke-free bending with a split radius fretboard, and comes with tailor-made bridge, vibrato (looking a lot like a Bigsby), and pickups. In fact, Powers claims everything but the strings and tuners are made in-house, so from what we understand these guitars are to be made is quite small numbers initially.

OK, so let’s get to the price… from $3700 to $4299. Lets see if we get them in the UK and what the pricing ends up being… you can check them out on the Powers Electrics website, there’s loads of colours, options, and finishes…


In the meantime, if it’s pedal related, why not drop us a line, we’d love to chat.

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