Laney BCC TI-Boost Tony Iommi Signature


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Hit your amp harder! The Laney BCC TI-BOOST is an amazing sounding boost pedal we love. It’s been designed in conjunction with long time Laney artist Tony Iommi to be a significant part of his tour rig for the final ever Black Sabbath tour.

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The Laney BCC TI-BOOST is an amazing sounding pedal, no doubt. And with great pedigree. The TI-Boost was designed in conjunction with long time Laney artist Tony Iommi to be a significant part of his tour rig for the final ever Black Sabbath tour. The Laney BCC TI-BOOST replicates the significant bass end cut and mid boost of Tony’s original “modified” Dallas Arbiter Range Master pedal. However, this time there’s a very welcome additional amount of useful gain to give even more punch. Oh and also some enhanced EQ options that make this cracking pedal even more appealing to every player looking to find their own sounds.

The TI-BOOST gives you the guitar tone recognised for decades around the world by millions, and it does it in style.

Also important is when you activate an effect there is no switching noise. We often put up with it for a true bypass trade off. So, here, Laney (or Black Country Customs as their pedals are known) took great care in designing a switching system that is totally silent in operation. The only thing you should here is a great sounding product. And we’ve been impressed but the whole range of Black Country Systems pedals.

On the surface of this easy to use pedal you’ll find Drive and Volume controls, plus a Low and High frequency knob. Nestled in between those controls you’ll find a mid switch to emphasis a range of frequency options. Easy but controllable boost.

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  • As used on stage by Tony Iommi
  • Battery or PSU powered (optional)
  • Simple controllable boost
  • Powerful EQ shaping
  • Low power consumption
  • True bypass
  • Silent switching
  • Made in the UK
Tony Iommi

Signature treble boost

By Laney

Retro design


L: 4.9 in./12.5cm x W: 2.75 in./7cm x H: 2.4 in./6cm (including knobs)

Effect Type


Power Requirements

Works with a 9V battery or 9V, DC adaptor (tip-negative) – Not Included.


Rugged metal enclosure handmade in the UK

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