Mad Professor Amber Overdrive


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The team at Mad Professor describe the analog Amber Overdrive as fat and juicy overdrive sounds with a hint of fuzz. It produces the sought after thick tone even when played into a clean amplifier.

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Amber Overdrive
Mad Professor Amber Overdrive

One of the most sought-after guitar tones must be a combination of a great overdrive or fuzz pedal straight into an overdriven tube amplifier. Well the Mad Professor Amber Overdrive produces this sound even when running through a clean amplifier!

This great pedal is another winner from Mad Professor. It produces a properly thick sound whether playing chords or cranking out single notes – always fat and juicy with just a hint of fuzz. For comparison, the circuit is similar to discontinued Golden Cello Mad Professor used to make, except now there’s more output on tap.

Though highly saturated, this dynamic overdrive can be cleaned up nicely with the volume control of your favourite guitar. And as with all Mad Professor pedals (and it’s not just us saying this), it offers a typically wide range of dynamics and the all-important, expressive touch sensitivity.

When you plug this great little pedal into a clean amplifier, the Mad Professor Amber Overdrive can give you the massive sound of a saturated amplifier cranked, running wide open. But it can also be used as a slightly distorted boost to increase saturation on slightly overdriven amplifiers. Great flexibility.

As are all the Mad Professor pedals, you get a usefully small footprint packed with great tone. It features complete true bypass.

It’s a great overdrive if you’re looking for fat lead tones, Eric Johnson tone, David Gilmour tone, Leslie West tone, long sustain, with just a little fuzz.


  • Super dynamic overdrive
  • Highly touch sensitive
  • Fat overdrive with a hint of Fuzz
  • Works with gain or clean channel
  • Saturated tones
  • Simple controls
  • True bypass
Natural tone

Super touch sensitive

Low Gain Overdrive

Treble and bass control


L: 4.37 in./11.1cm x W: 2.7 in./6.9cm x H: 2.0in./5.0cm (including knobs)

Effect Type


Power Requirements

Requires 9v DC power supply (not supplied) – Power Consumption: 2.5mA, 2.1mm Plug Centre Negative. Battery operation: 9v


Rugged die-cast enclosure

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