Nobels ODR1 Natural Overdrive


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You’re looking at a real classic, super popular in many circles, the Nobles ODR1 natural overdrive (now with a bass cut feature) is an outstanding analog natural overdrive pedal. It won’t win any beauty pageants sure, but it more than makes up for that in outstanding tone and flexibility.

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Nobles ODR1 top sockets

Over many decades so many key artists such as Jerry Donahue, Tom Bukovac, Guthrie Trapp, Carl Verheyen, John Shanks, Tim Pierce, Robbie McIntosh, Clem Clempson, Micky Moody and countless other outstanding players have made the Nobels ODR-1 Natural Overdrive part of their sonic arsenal, and why wouldn’t you? While all single coil guitarists as well as most humbucker users and even bassists love the clarity and versatility of the full sound of the ODR-1 some heavy humbucker players asked for the chance to reduce the sub-bass end, so that’s now a simple option that makes this classic even more outstanding.

Under the Hood… 

The new Nobels ODR1 Natural Overdrive now offers a bass-cut switch under the battery cover to preset original ODR-1 sound or to preset slightly reduced sub-bass.

Operation is also now possible from 9V – 18V DC for more headroom—if you want it. And the pointers on the knobs now are GitD Glow-in-the-Dark for that bit of help on a dark stage.

The ODR-1 has proved to be a favourite with pros, especially session players, and everyday players, as it works so effectively with the guitars’ volume controls for on-the-fly changes in songs. The pedal’s wide range is neatly controlled by a SPECTRUM tone pot. Turning the knob clockwise increases the bass and treble at the same time. Midrange stays untouched in either direction to offer transparency with a pinch of warmth.

If you’ve not considered the ODR1 Overdrive pedal, now really is the time to do so. OK it may not win any beauty award, but it’s such a great sound from such a well priced pedal. And we’re big proponents of top mounted jacks and PSU sockets, they make our pedalboards much more compact…

And finally, with a buffered bypass this pedal is ideal at the start of a signal chain.

As always we’re here to help so please contact us if you need any…

  • Analog Natural Overdrive Pedal
  • Bass Cut feature – helps to tame the low end
  • Controls: Drive, SPECTRUM and Level
  • Glow-in-the-Dark Knobs
  • Accepts 18 V power – allows for additional headroom
  • Buffered Bypass
  • Overhead battery compartment
  • Solid metal housing
Classic overdrive

Brilliant tone

Brilliant overdrive

Tone control…


L: 4.9 in.12.5cm x W: 2.7 in./6.8cm x H: 2.2in./5.5cm (including knobs)

Effect Type


Power Requirements

Requires a 9v Battery or 9v DC power supply (Negative Centre, Can be powered up to 18v) – Power Consumption: 25mA – Power supply not supplied.


Strong metal stomp box. Top access to battery for easy changes if on pedalboard. Top sockets – we love this simple feature for a more compact pedalboard.

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