Thermion Stone Age Fuzz


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The Thermion Stone Age is a versatile and exclusive fuzz pedal with unique tone. A fuzz capable of delivering from classic to modern tones. A complete tonal engine to explore the fuzz world.

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With the Thermion Stone Age fuzz you can explore the fuzz world and build a unique tonal foundation for yourself. The Stone Age is a powerful multi-engine (4 engines) fuzz pedal allowing you to create tones from classic and renowned, to modern and also experimental fuzz tones. It’s a powerful beast at your feet.

Choose between the four engines, which are: Single Transistor, Maestro, Face and a modern Muff ‘Thermion’ modified with improved dynamics and definition. I’m sure you can guess which relates to which classic fuzz…

But that’s not all this baby offers. Add on-demand clean signal or octaved fuzz and you’ll be creating the fuzz tones you’ve always had in your head, and a bunch you never imagined.

Further you can cut any excess high or low frequencies to adapt your tones to virtually any amp, with its high Q two band equaliser that handily you can also bypass completely, this will get you the most classic feeling out of this unit.

But it doesn’t end there with this Thermion Stone Age monster. Maximize the dynamics with the volume and tone of your guitar with the improved input and output buffers.

Thermion designed the stunning Stone Age pedal to be versatile and modifiable, while staying true to the most genuine fuzz tones. The Stone Age is transistor based, with relay switching and true bypass for those guitarists who love pure fuzz tones and flexibility.

And, yep, there’s more, look at the beauty of this thing. Oh yeah, and Thermion (a Spanish company in case you’d like to know) don’t use plastics in their packaging, so that’s a plus too.

If you love fuzz, then you will certainly not be disappointed with the Stone Age from Thermion.

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  • Four fuzz engines
  • Footswitchable clean mix
  • Footswitchable octave fuzz mix
  • High Q high and low cut bypassable equalizer
  • Gain and volume controls
  • Input and output buffers for maximum dynamics
  • True bypass

4 fuzz engines

Powerful EQ

High Q and low cut


L: 4.7 in./12cm x W: 2.7 in./15.5cm x H: 6.1in./5.7cm

Effect Type

Multi Fuzz

Power Requirements

Requires 9v DC power supply (not supplied) – 2.1mm Plug Centre Negative.


Rugged metal enclosure with awesome artwork

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