Walrus Audio Warhorn Overdrive


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The Walrus Audio Warhorn Overdrive pedal is a true bypass, mid-range, transparent overdrive pedal that’s capable of anything from punchy rhythm, to searing Texas Blues leads. For added versatility inside the one overdrive box, the pedal features a toggle switch that provides two flavours of clipping/compression.

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The Walrus Audio Warhorn Overdrive could well be the perfect mid-range, transparent overdrive pedal for you. We hear transparent a lot with Overdrives, but this idea is simply to not change your underlying tone as it adds the grit. The Warhorn certainly does that. It’s capable of not only outstanding punchy rhythm but also searing Texas Blues leads and all in between (check out the video below). And this version, for added versatility, features a toggle switch that provides two distinct flavours of clipping. The up position of the centre located switch is a more compressed, symmetrically clipped tone (think USA tones). The down position is an asymmetric, more open and altogether more organic sound (think British tones).

Overall this design has more grit to it than the famous gold pedal it’s emulating, you know the gold one with the mythical beast astride it. And this extra grunt gives this great pedal just a bit more flexibility on your board too.

On top you’ll find a powerful set of controls covering Level, Drive, Bass and Treble. These EQ controls really provide a large range of tweaking and shaping options for your original tone; Bass to warm up those blues leads, or treble boost to make then cut through the band’s mix. Overall it’s a great mid range overdrive and one to seriously consider in your quest for the perfect overdrive.

Oh yeah, and as it’s a Walrus Audio pedal, it’s a looker too, aren’t they always. The Walrus Audio Warhorn Overdrive comes in a “prismatic gold” enclosure with white, cream and black ink. The artwork features a warrior at the front lines brandishing an intricate battle horn leading his army in a victorious battle.

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  • Mid range Overdrive
  • Mythical beast Overdrive
  • Two clipping types (switchable, front panel)
  • Bass and Treble controls (boost and cut)
  • Soft relay true bypass
  • Stunning Walrus Audio artwork
  • Top mounted jacks for maximising space on your pedalboard
Compression types

Open or compressed breakup

EQ on board

More warmth, or searing lead…


L: 4.77 in./12.1cm x W: 2.9 in./7.3cm x H: 2.3in./5.8cm (including knobs)

Effect Type

Mid Range Overdrive

Power Requirements

Requires 9v DC power supply (not supplied) – Power Consumption: 8.9mA. Walrus Audio recommend the use of an isolated power supply.


Rugged die-cast enclosure

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