Source Audio – Powerful Tone

Source AUdio - Powerful Tone. True Spring Pedal.

When we started Moji Music (actually even before we got it going) one of the top brands we wanted to work with was Source Audio. In fact they were the first we contacted.

We run Source Audio on our pedal boards and whether it was their stunning EQ2 pedal or the amazingly good Vertigo tremolo, we’ve been consistently pleased with their gear and both their simplicity but also their depth if needed.

We’re simple folk so being able to just use a pedal without learning secondary functions of knobs, or delving into menus was important to us, but we also like the way you can dig deeper if you want too (for example the True Spring is also contains the Vertigo pedal, but you do need to learn the secondary controls off by heart) or need to with their amazing yet useable Neuro app. 

This great app opens up a host of further functions and gives those who have the time and inclination a powerful additional layer of control over the pedal and the sound you can coax from it. Most Source Audio pedals also take an expression pedal to expand the options and creativity further. But, and this is one of the reasons we enjoy them) is that none of this takes away from the out-of-the-box simplicity of all their pedals. 

Finally, for the more adventurous, add in the excellent midi capabilities these pedals come with and of course the stereo functions of their ‘one series’ and you have something really quite special. Oh, and we’ve put several of their pedals through a proper beating at live gigs and they stand up really well.

We’ll be extending our range of Source Audio in time, but if you’d like to special order any of them, just ask and we’ll get you a price and delivery time asap. We’d love to help you out.

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Source Audio – Powerful Tone!

Source Audio EQ2
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