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We’re made up of musicians and individuals from the creative industry
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Brand new since 2022
Moji Music

We’re a brand new (2022) online only boutique guitar pedal shop. We hope to grow in time and give musicians like you a different option to source your instruments and electronics from—one that is committed to looking after you. We know that for many of you these purchases are few and far between so when you do make that purchase, we want it to be as special as possible. Read on to find out more about Moji Music.

We’re made up of musicians and individuals from the creative industry who wanted to offer great product at competitive prices, but we wanted to do so with an eye on the environment and the service you receive.

We’ve gigged, recorded, taught and more, that means we’ve experienced a lot of gear over the years and have much experience to share. We are not just a faceless retail outlet guided by price alone, though our prices are always competitive, but we aim to provide a great service to you, our customers.

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Our Brands

We’re starting small, our range has limitations, but we’ll expand it as soon as we can. If there are brands you’d love to see us stock then please do drop us a line and let us know (and maybe why that brand also, what is it about them you love).

If we don’t carry a particular product from a brand we obviously sell, then that can be ordered for you, please just drop us a line and we’ll let you know if and when we can source it, and get a price for you.

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Tested Before Dispatch

Because we’re online only, none of our goods are on display or have been demoed on a shop floor environment – you’ll be the first to ‘stomp’ on any of them. However, we do test and check over every single pedal we send out, including its power supply if included. Hopefully in that way we can minimise disappointment and/or the aggravation of a last-minute purchase for a gig not working on arrival, or a gift not working out of the box!

Look out for our little Quality Control slip in the box!

We’re here to help with making the right choice
Service & Aftercare

We want your product to give you years of enjoyment, but sometimes things don’t work out that way. We’re here to help with making the right choice before you purchase, but also taking care of you when something goes wrong.

Not sure about a particular pedal, please drop us a line. If something is wrong after purchase, first, please get in touch to let us know—we may be able to troubleshoot for you and get it working properly, also many of the manufacturers are incredibly helpful. Otherwise, please check over our returns policy and then get in touch so we can sort things out for you wherever possible.

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Planet friendly packaging
Our Packaging, Energy, and The Environment

All of the packaging we use is planet friendly, made from recycled materials or natural products to minimise the impact of our deliveries where possible. Further all our electrical energy is sourced from 100% renewable sources and our delivery partners have a carbon neutral commitment. It’s not all perfect yet, and it’s a small difference but well keep a close eye on these parts of business and improve them over time. See our environmental page for more in-depth information and find out more about Moji Music.

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