We try to be as planet friendly as possible
Moji's Environmental Decisions

When we set up Moji Music, one of the first priorities was to minimise our environmental impact on our planet as much as possible. And this doesn’t have to mean you pay a penny more either. In fact we just absorb any extra costs because it’s what we want to do.

While we can’t influence the decisions of the manufacturers yet, we can decide how we choose our delivery and energy partners, and how we package the products up for you.

All of the packaging we use is planet friendly, made from recycled materials or natural products to minimise the impact of our deliveries where possible.

All our electrical energy is sourced from 100% renewable sources. We use Octopus Energy to supply our power and they are committed to a greener future. We’ll keep an eye on that of course, we don’t entirely trust others to get it right all the time, so if other suppliers do better we’ll look at them too. In the meantime here’s a link to Octopus Energy’s Greener Future webpage for more information (no affiliate links here!).

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Working Towards a Greener Future

Our delivery partners, Royal Mail and DPD, are working towards a greener future. Are they perfect? Maybe not. Do they seem to be committed to this? On balance we believe they are. It would be great to see things move quicker but again we’ll keep an eye on things. Here’s a link to DPD’s Green Journey webpage and Royal Mail’s environmental policy.

Even simple things like us testing each product before it’s sent out, help minimise unnecessary returns and the materials and pollution that goes with that.

It’s not all perfect yet, we know that, and it probably never will be to be honest. Also it’s a small difference admittedly to reducing environmental impact but we’ll keep a close eye on these parts of our business and improve them over time.

We hope this resonates with you. Let us know what you think…

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