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A new favourite for us and one that has since found its way to my board. Rich, lush tape delay in a deceptively small box. 3 flavours of tape age let you choose just how dark and gritty the repeats will get, while filter and modulation controls allow for even more fine tuning of your sound. Tap tempos with ratio multiplier mean rhythms like dotted eights are all at your fingertips.

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The Empress Effects Tape Delay in a room shot
Empress Effects Tape Delay panel in a room setting showing retro controls

The Empress Effects Tape Delay is simply one of the best tape delays we’ve heard, but importantly also not too complicated to use, a great balance in usability and tone. Now with an analog dry path, the Empress Effects Tape Delay is packed with features, all accessible from the ‘advanced’ configuration mode. Presets can store all your settings and be recalled at the touch of a button, making switching live fast and easy.

This little gem also features a tap tempo (a must for a delay for me) with ratio multipliers so rhythms like dotted eights are all at your fingertips without fuss. It’s set up as a true bypass pedal, or you can choose to use buffered bypass with trails (a must for many), but also this bypass is relay operated so even in turn bypass it’s quite when switching.

This pedal can give you that truly authentic tape delay sound, but it has more to hand also. Activate ‘blips’ to get wild sounds when you move the tape head around while playing

With delay times from 5ms to 2.8 seconds this is a powerful partner for your sound.

  • Amazing sound quality; impressive 103 db signal to noise ratio
  • Tap tempo and delay ratio knob for easy triplet and dotted eights
  • True bypass or buffered with trails
  • Small enclosure (not a double sized pedal)
  • The dry signal path is all analog
  • Blips! Crazy sounds when you move the tape head around
  • Advanced configuration allow you to run with 0, 2 or 3 presets
  • Modulation - Add a little or a lot of modulation, or none at all!
  • Hi pass or low pass filter the delayed signal.
Great delay times

Impressive 5ms to 2.8 seconds delays

Small Enclosure

Impressively compact


L: 3.5 in./8.8cm x W: 4.5 in./11.4cm x H: 2 in./5.1cm (including knobs)

Effect Type

Tape Delay

Power Requirements

Power Consumption: 280mA 9 – 18 V DC – 2.1mm barrel connector (Negative tip) – Power supply is not included.


Di-cast aluminium enclosure.

Delay Time

5ms – 2.8s

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