Old Blood Noise Black Fountain V3 Delay


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It’s time to bathe your tone in liquid sonic gold… again! With the Black Fountain Delay V3, Old Blood Noise Endeavors take their properly iconic oil-can delay emulation and expands on it greatly. Hugely increased delay times (up to around 1 sec), Tap Tempo, subdivisions, programmable expression control and momentary infinite feedback…

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The Black Fountain was the pedal that started it all for Old Blood Noise Endeavors. In the Black Fountain V3, first the delay time has been greatly expanded, which now almost reaches a full second in Modern and Vintage modes. These modes emulate the echoes of units like the Fender Echo-Reverb, Tel Ray Model 10 and Morley EDL, but the Black Fountain V3 lets you go far beyond the echo potential of those classic units. With your standard delay controls like Time, Feedback and Mix and the unique Fluid control, which introduces wobbly modulation into the echoes, you can sculpt anything from vintage slapbacks, long sonar-like ambient trails, warbly fluctuating textures and short reverb-like sounds. You can even conjure gritty lo-fi tape modulation and saturation when using Vintage mode, since it’s slightly dirtier and grainer than Modern mode.

On the other hand, Organ mode was designed to emulate short-delay oil-can units like the Tel-Ray Deluxe Organ Tone and Fender Dimension IV, hence it sports a fixed delay time of 211 ms and gives you greater control to sculpt the modulation. In this mode, Fluid controls the modulation rate, Time sets the modulation depth and Feedback controls the length of the trail.

With the addition of Tap Tempo and three different subdivision modes to the pedal, it’s become super easy to keep those Modern and Vintage echoes rolling tightly in time with the music. While in Organ Mode, Tap Tempo allows you to instantly set the speed of the modulation on the fly. But the fun doesn’t stop there! Simply press and hold the Tap Tempo switch and hear your echoes stretch out into a warm sonic blanket of awesomeness, as the delay feedback momentarily gets maxed out.  Great for ambient pads, reverb-like swells, sound-on-sound textures and delay drones.

Finally, the expression input has become super clever, as you can now program the heel and toe positions of your sweep. This lets you minutely change the position of either the Time, Feedback knob or both at the same time, effectively letting you jump between two perfectly preset delay tones, just by rocking your foot.

All these new features make this pedal’s warm and drippy vintage tones perfectly echo the wants and needs of modern-day musicians.

What a pedal!

As always we’re here to help so please contact us if you need any…

  • 3 Delay modes - Modern, Organ and Vintage
  • Oil-Can Delay Pedal
  • Delay times from 30ms up to almost 1sec
  • Tap Tempo and Subdivisions
  • Momentary Feedback feature
  • Expression Control - control Time, Feedback or both
  • Boost or attenuate the output of the pedal
  • True Bypass
  • Hand-made in Oklahoma, USA
Classic Emulation

Unique sounds

Easy control

And subdivisions


L: 4.4 in.11.2cm x W: 2.6 in./6.6cm x H: 2.3in./5.8cm (including knobs)

Effect Type

Oil Can Delay

Power Requirements

Requires 9v DC power supply (Negative Centre) – Power Consumption: 90mA – Power supply not supplied.


Strong metal stomp box. Tap tempo and bypass footswitch. Built in the USA

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